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Creating intent. I have the best of intentions. A lifetime of good intentions. And this is my go at sharing some of those intentions, experiences, and foibles with the world.

Dill in the Garden

In part, it began five years ago when I took a permaculture course (Permaculture is a way to ethically reintegrate our human world with the natural world). For me, it means following rhythms and patterns that regenerate the abundance of the planet. It means caring for my family–of birth and choice in a way that really builds connection for all of us. Real community. It means following my own journeys into creativity and into the soil. Adapting my home to the environment instead of the other way around. And it means taking responsibility for myself.

For the past five years, I’ve intended to institute a permanent culture and permanent agriculture in my life. I’ve intended to bring to life a vibrant permaculture world to raise my children in. And I’ve made enough strides, that perhaps I have something to share.

So, this is my intention, to blog about what’s going on and see if it doesn’t help you create more vital connections in your own life.