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Central Indiana Currency Talk

Last night a group of people gathered in an Indianapolis community center to hear a talk (given by yours truly) about community exchanges and the value of creating more opportunities for people to meet their needs through these. The group, calling itself Central Indiana Currency, is working to establish mediums for exchange in the Indianapolis area. Those attending last night, new and committed to the group were talented, interested, and creative individuals–and so I expect good things will come.

In my talk, I emphasized that what is important is to create those opportunities for exchange. If we think about how to build a resilient ecosystem, we want lots of different kinds of relationships, lots of different ways to exchange energy. When we are working for healthy local economic systems, we want the same thing.

My talk covered:
One-to-one Barter (Markets and Swaps)
Gifting Circles
Time Banks
Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)
and Complementary Currencies.

These are all different mediums. Each one can be added while the others operate simultaneously–to build that rich economic system that allows people to thrive in their own community.