Nourishing life, community, family, home.

What could be more vital? Caring for our forests, caring for and protecting the next generation…

Farming the Woods

catching and storing wisdom for future generations

by Steve Gabriel

01-09_MNGKenTour_SteveI was fortunate to take a twisty path through my college years; I attended a wide array of programs around the country and overseas that really opened my eyes to various perspectives and approaches to earth repair, which I came to realize also called for the healing of social relations, too. As a college student in the early 2000s, I struggled with two aspects of my emerging personality; one was the desire to spend time outside as much as possible in my life, and the other was my increasing awareness of environmental destruction and its devastating implications. As many young people at that age, I felt a bit daunted and helpless at the situation; how was I to do anything to make any change in the world?

During that final year of completing my degree at Empire State College

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