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Bird language

As I am sitting with my children this morning exploring word families (1st grader) and paragraph revision (8th grade grammar); negative exponents; chemical make up of sugars, starches and cellulose…the birds outside are singing their morning songs.

We live in a network of utility lines, fence rows, pasture areas, strips of forest, and houses. Our forest garden with its shallow pond and various shrubs, bDSC00597erries, insects, etc…makes for a bird haven. It is the language of the various birds that is pulling my attention. Not many alarm calls this morning. Lots of song, some territorial chatter. Yesterday a pewee caught my attention. Today the cardinal is the strongest voice near the window. I love that my daughter is my confirmation–that I am beginning to be confident–but her skills are better and continue to evolve.

In her skills I recognize that her literacy is broader than my own. I may have studied literature, history, philosophy, and religion. My years of German and Sanskrit studies went more deeply. However, her skills with language are quite possibly not only broader–but more useful in navigating the daily world and appreciating its beauty and life.

To find out more about bird language, check out this site.


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