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A fun day to share FUNgi

Since I began my permaculture training in 2005, I have been hearing of Paul Stamets’ work with fungi. In this presentation to the Bioneers, published in November 2014, he shares not only some of his latest work, but connects key pieces of how our world works. He raises a vital point, which I’ll paraphrase as: If the language of nature is complex, nuanced, and beautiful, but we can’t understand it; then we have a responsibility to learn it–to understand it rather than destroy it.

In kindred spirit, I can echo his question–if you knew that how you washed your dishes or bought your electricity or cared for your lawn or shopped for food would make a huge difference for not just the world today, but for the ability of children and bees and trees and others going into the future, wouldn’t you make that change–and more? What change can you make today? Tomorrow?


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