Nourishing life, community, family, home.

Coming out of the residential permaculture design course in June, I felt so good. I still do. In early June, I was seeing my first guest edited edition of the Permaculture Activist (Earth Skills and Nature Connection) on the stands at the local co-op. My passion for Nature Connection and its integration into the culture of our PDC was well-received. I was celebrating a good workshop in Indianapolis introducing permaculture and helping to create community and a return invitation for a second workshop (which happened the last day of June).

great conifer on the edge at pine hill nature preserve

I am feeling good–like a fat cat in shade…and vaguely restless.

I love sharing permaculture…but more specifically, I love catalyzing a passion for nature, culture, restoration, community, connection, healing, peace….all of it. Permaculture is the means through which I act and spur others to act on their visions of a regenerative, nurturing, and responsible society. There’s been some recent stir about whether permaculture is a design science or a movement (a la Toby Hemenway, Rafter T. Sass)–and I agree it’s both.  And thank goodness!  What good is a design science without people who feel passionately about applying it.

I, just as so many others, bring much to the table. Permaculture is a great match for me, because it can incorporate or align with so many other good paths…biodynamics, Waldorf, homeschooling, Nature Connection/8 Shields work, empowerment of various groups…and just as it is not contained or curtailed by any of them–I am not defined by any of them. That is a very unsettling and empowering recognition. I may be re-stating the obvious…but I hope that this musing resonates with and catalyzes a positive, empowered, and loving feeling in you, too.

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